Making Magic with Movement

Journey the elements with your erotic body!

This is a creative way to invoke a new way of relating to your body and anchoring a new frequency that aligns to the truth of who you want to be, in this body…. in this life.

In magical practice the elements have ALWAYS been utilized for a complete map of manifestation.

Feel how alive you are with each element by coming on a journey with me.

We will choose a new path of embodiment utilizing our imaginations, journalling our thoughts and feels, spell crafting and conducting beautiful erotic dance ritual’s.

The Magic of Erotic Dance is a six module online erotic dance course designed to support women to be magically embodied.

This is a fun, deep and creative way to explore your erotic nature in a way that has never been done before. This course is completly unique.

Erotic dance is a powerful way to stay energised, alive and turned on but it is also an incredible pathway to deeper self connection, body wisdom and magical manifestation.

Explore elemental magic through movements that are fun, sexy and enlivening.

Unlock your inner magical exhibitionist from the safety of your own home, alone or with a friend.

Learn how the elements are guiding you to be free and liberated by embracing all that you are!

Celebrate this beautiful body that is MAGICALLY YOU.

I got so many gifts through the Magic of Erotic Dance.

It truly is Magic! 

I’ve developed a deeper more loving connection with my body, cultivated greater presence and courage to embody myself more fully, meeting more aspects of myself, and experiencing the wisdom of my feminine intuition and creativity. 

After completing the course I have less pain and more softness in my body, and greater confidence and body awareness. 

The process of embodying an element for a week allowed me to go deeper and deeper into myself and notice my progression feeling more intimate with myself and clearer and inspired to take action in my life. This is powerful medicine!

– Steph