Shaney has such potent magic in her soul, it emanates through her work and social media. I resonated so much with what she shared, and feel grateful to now have such amazing tools from her to use in my own life.

Her craft feels real. Raw. And full.

The first time I came across shaney and her work, I felt liberated, passionate, intrigued and so full inside that I had found something that I had been looking for. I knew from then I had to meet her and work with her.

Shaney feels mystical and powerful. She feels more than human, more than woman, more than spirit. There’s an essence, a core fire that burns brightly within her. Subtly yet strongly nourishing and freeing people’s minds and hearts, my own included.

So thank you for your wisdom Shaney, for sharing openly and for guiding me.


I’ve done a lot of personal development/ journeying work over the years and worked with some amazing healers and teachers, but I have to say, nothing has been as potent and life changing as working with Shaney.

When I signed up for the Devotional Woman course, I was rebuilding myself and my life after hitting rock bottom, coming out of a very unhealthy relationship, moving towns, finding my feet again financially, following my passion and starting up my business.. and 12 months later I am loving the life I have created for myself, my business is flowing, and I feel the most beautiful whole in myself in my whole life. The embodiment practices throughout the course have literally healed my chronic pain and hormonal issues, and l am experiencing deeper levels of pleasure and intimacy with myself than ever before. My relationship with men has changed, and more importantly my relationship with myself.

Shaney’s transmissions, intuition, and showing up authentically and in integrity for the 1:1 calls has been incredibly supportive. Shaney has an ability to cut to the core of issues in a nurturing and tender way, fast tracking transformation. I feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to soak up Shaney’s wisdoms and finally step into myself as an empowered devotional woman.


I am 68 years young and although never going to be the world’s best stud, I wanted to be a great lover. This is now happening in my life and it is because Shaney CHANGED MY LIFE by giving me the insight, the skills and confidence to meet other women and experience mutual, blissful connection by, among other things, living the journey and forgetting the destination. Iam ever grateful. Thank you Shaney


Shaney, brought out a light within myself that had been burning without purpose or direction for a long time.
She allowed me the energy and space to rekindle that youth in me that had gotten trampled by conformity, performance pressure, and a lack of love for myself. In one of our sessions she stripped back all barriers, that I thought I had dealt with, and laid me bare to the universe. I felt like I was having a conversation with the omnipotent energy that brought me into this world. I felt my body dissolve into the walls and everything around me, I could feel nothing and everything at the same time, and at that moment I truly understood what it is to be of one mind, one body, one spirit